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ATQ Basketball Meetup

Yep.  This is going to happen.  We'll have the meetup for the Saturday, Jan. 30 home game against USC.  Details are as follows:

UO doesn't sell group tickets, and there is really no way for us to sit together.  Dom and I will post where we'll be sitting after we get our tickets, but the chances it'll be together are very slim.

The meetup itself will take place before the game.  Its a 3:00 tip off, we're meeting at the McMenamin's at 19th and Agate at 12:30.  Its a good place to get some lunch and a good brew, and we'll eat and shoot the breeze for a couple of hours.  If you will be attending, please leave a note in this thread, as I will be calling McMenamin's a few days in advance to let them know our group is coming in.

To those I met during football season, I look forward to seeing you again.  I look forward to meeting lots of new faces as well.

Also, please leave your 'Fire Ernie' signs in the car, or Dom will club you.