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Weekend Salvaged: Ducks pick up two conference wins on the road, stomp Washington in Seattle


Didn't see that start to conference play coming.  But if improvement continues to come at this rate with this team, , my calls for Ernie's removal could ultimately prove premature.  Malcolm Armstead my just already be one of the best point guards in the Pac-10.  Michael Dunigan is the post presence we have always wanted.  And Tajuan Porter is the TP of three years ago.

The Ducks got off to a bit of a slow start, but turned the switch with strong defensive play.  The were able play a great mix of zone and man, confusing the UW offense as to where the defensive coverage was coming from.  The Ducks controlled the paint, led by another great effort from Dunigan, who is blossoming this year, and committed only six turnovers on the game.  The was about the Ducks beating a top-25 team on the road by out executing them on the defensive end and in the halfcourt offense, and it was such a refreshing sight to see.

While the football game dominated the weekend, this sweep is a major development.  We just went on the toughest road trip in the conference and won them both, sitting alone in first place having not yet played a home game.

Its too early to make any great proclimations about this team, but basketball season just got a whole lot more interesting.