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Quack Fix: Recruiting Notes, Getting Your Groove Back, and Shuffleboard

You want quack? You can't handle the quack!

  • The women's basketball team put up a great effort against No. 2 Stanford but eventually fell to the Amazons by 20.
  • Bob Rickert weighs in with some football recruiting tidbits
  • Apparently shuffleboard wasn't doing it for him. Urban Meyer will be back coaching spring practice for Florida.
  • Next up for the Oregon men's basketball team will be the LA schools and apparently ESPN is having trouble figuring them out. Personally, I see UCLA getting it's groove back. They are rising and we are trying to construct a new basement under the old basement.
  • Another take on the men's basketball loss yesterday from the bay area. My favorite quote line in the article?
  • Dawkins called the Ducks "a dangerous team. With (Porter) as a weapon, they're capable of beating anybody. We were fortunate that we were able to win."

    As always, if you have any quack to share, you know what to do. Enjoy the NFL games on today.