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Quack Fix: Lowe commits, Beard in stable condition and set for surgery, Masoli and Embry not suspects in campus theft

Whew, if you missed out on the excitement yesterday, let that be a lesson. You never know what can happen in the world of quack.

  • The first big news yesterday was the commitment of ATH Keanon Lowe, who had been committed to Washington for some time (Washington fans responded in very mature fashion to the news). Stealing a recruit from the Huskies in the final weeks is sure to make any Duck fan happy. Lowe is a great addition to the class. He'll likely play the WR/TZR position, and has the speed to really make an impact there. While Lowe was only recently given an offer at receiver, he should do very well at the position. It's an exciting time for Duck recruiting when our fallback options for receiver are 4* players.
  • UO kicker Rob Beard was hospitalized Saturday night after being beaten on the streets of Eugene. Beard apparently tried to help break up a fight that UO kicker Mike Bowlin was in, and ended up on the ground and was kicked repeatedly. He was in critical condition after being brought to the hospital, but has stabilized, and is set for facial reconstructive surgery today. Our best wishes are with Rob during this time, and hope that the assailant(s) can be brought to justice.
  • There have been a lot of rumors swirling in the past 24 hours regarding a reported theft at a fraternity house on UO's campus. The latest verifiable news is that while both Jeremiah Masoli and Garrett Embry were mentioned in the police report, neither are considered suspects at this time, though police want to interview Masoli and Embry. The Register-Guard also has a report on the incident, and they are refusing to even name the two players. Their report mentions that there are "persons of interest" that police have not yet been able to reach, but they have not been named by the authorities, as this incident is still under investigation. For all of the rumor that has been swirling, this is really the first actual news that has been reported on the situation. If actual news breaks, you can find it here.
  • The first sites on the theft rumor were and Both have handled this situation very poorly. DSN started by reposting some very sketchy tweets, while UOSD took it fifteen steps further by posting an incredibly inflammatory post heavy on accusation on light on fact. Though both sites posted disclaimers, the language of the posts did not convey the skepticism that should be attached to these legal issues. Both sites are already coming under criticism. I'm guessing that this will only grow over the next few days. Both could have taken a lesson from one of our blogging godfathers, Brian over at mgoblog.

I'm sure there will be more news on these issues throughout the day. If you find anything else of substance, leave it in the comments! GO DUCKS!