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Quack Fix: Ducks win! But women fall at Pauley.

Woo! Man, doing the quack fix on Friday's is so much more exciting after a win.

  • The Duck's won last night in OT over the UCLA Bruins, 71-66. If you missed Matt Daddy's recap, check it out below. The team fought hard, put in the extra effort that was missing over the last few games, and came away the victor. As Bob Clark's recap points out, this win was a result of not only the effort during the game, but the time up to it as well. Hopefully the Ducks can take that effort into the coming games. 
  • Ron Bellamy had an article on how both the players and coaches did an great job, and seemed to prove many of their critics wrong. Kent put the team in a position to succeed, defensively, and proved that he could get the best out of his players, energy-wise. The players never gave up, and played hard throughout.
  • Unfortunately, the Oregon women did not fare so well, failing to UCLA at their own game, 104-80. While the Oregon women were only down by 3 at the half (50-47), they were run off the court in the second. While the pace of the Oregon women has led to a great deal of excitement around the program, they will need to improve significantly on the defense end. They suffered another poor night on that end of the floor, allowing the Bruins to shoot 58% from the field. 
  • In football news, it sounds like three players may no longer be on the team, as Garrett Embry, Andrew Iupati, and Terrance Montgomery had their lockers cleaned out. This likely has nothing to do with the recent frat house theft allegations, but is simply normal offseason turnover. I'm sure that won't stop most Duck fans from fretting over the state of our defensive line.
  • In a shocking twist, John Canzano has a good take on the SAE house and theft accusations. And he points out the police know the house well, making 57 calls to the house to take reports since 2004. This information simply raises more questions, that will likely not be answered for some time. 
  • A second arrest has been made in the assault on Rob Beard. Kirby Taylor Hawkins, of Portland, has been charged with second degree assault.

With signing day quickly approaching, there's sure to be plenty to discuss. Leave any quack below! After the jump, some highlights from last night's win.