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MBB Gameday Open Thread: USC Trojans vs. Oregon Ducks

Who: USC Trojans (12-8, 4-4) at Oregon Ducks (11-9, 3-5)
Time: 3pm
Location: Mac Court, Eugene, OR
Media: Comcast Sports Net, Radio, Live Stats

USC comes to Eugene losers of 4 of their last 6 and looking for a split on the road against the Oregon schools. Even though USC won't be making a post-season appearance this year, the team is playing hard and looking to make the most out of each game. I like Oregon's chances in this game IF (and that is a mighty big IF) they can bottle the energy from Thursday and unleash it on the Trojans. USC plays a tough man-to-man defense so we'll see what kind of gameplan Ernie, Mike and the rest of the staff come up with.

One last thing, if you do catch the game, look for the ATQ crew in the stands somewhere. I think Dave is bringing the paper bags...just in case.