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Quack Fix: Buddy Ball, Broken Records and a Fired Graduate Assistant That Wasn't.

So you wanna play hunh, say hello to my little quack here!

  • The men's basketball team beat USC last night 67-57 in front of over 7000 people at Mac Court, including a few recruits and their famous fathers. Apparently Buddy Ball worked out pretty well as the Ducks completed the sweep over the LA Schools.
  • USC coach Kevin O'Neill took exception to his graduate assistant getting called for a technical foul. He fired him later that night. Don't worry Trojan fans, cooler heads prevailed.
  • Ashton Eaton broke the NCAA record in the heptathlon with 6256 points. It was the 5th best score in American history.
  • The men's tennis team took down Portland this weekend.
  • Defensive End walk-on Matt Simms was cited for misdemeanor for simple assault. Apparently this was in retaliation for the Rob Beard incident. Even though it seems like we have had non stop news on the legal fronts, it just seems like a lot because of the coverage. Don't get too worked up on this one.
  • Bob Rickert talks about all of the things he saw during the men's game yesterday. My personal favorite was the "USC Recruiting Violations" sign with the Pit Crew members holding up X's.
  • Don't forget the women's team's win against USC this weekend in LA. Taylor Lilley had 36 points as the Ducks went on to win 85-77

Remember, everyone likes it when you share. You learned this in grade school. Now share your quack in the thread below! Go Ducks!