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Quack Fix: BBall teams sweep Washington schools, football team looks forward

Well, the Duck's college football season is over, and luckily the basketball teams are giving us some hope that this years offseason won't be so bad.

  • Bob Clark asks which Duck will be the Pac-10 player of the week, if a Duck is to get the award, decided today. When you have arguments for three different players, that's a nice problem to have, one we haven't had in some time.
  • The Duck women beat Washington State yesterday 98-92. Though the Ducks had multiple large leads, the Cougars constantly fought back, including from an early 17 point deficit, and also overcome a 9 point Oregon lead to take the lead late in the second half. But UO guard Nia Jackson provided the spark with 6 minutes left in the game, scored four straight, and then provided an assist for a three pointer. 
  • The Duck men have a long week until the next game against Oregon State at Mac Court. But the focus of the week will be academics, with winter term starting today. However, I'm sure the Ducks will also put the extra practice to good use, as the Beavs are not going to be a pushover.
  • In football news, the Ducks, like us fans, are trying to get past the Rose Bowl defeat. And, it seems as it's just as frustrating to the players. It's easy to point to the many things that went wrong in the game. But winter conditioning will be starting soon, and if the Ducks want to improve, the effort will be put in long before next season starts.
  • And many people are already starting to look forward, including George Schroeder, who is one of the first to point out what we've all been thinking for months, that next years team could be something really special.
  • But Mike Bellotti has the hardest job of the offseason: bring Oregon athletics back into the black after last years $1.2 million deficit. Ticket price and mandatory donation increases are on the table for next season, though nothing is set in stone. At this point, Autzen expansion is not being talked about, and if it would happen, would need to be done through private donations.

You know the drill. Comment and link away below. GO DUCKS!