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Quack Fix: Oregon finishes season ranked 11th, basketball teams prepare for Civil War

Well, that's it. Nine months until college football is back in our lives. Qsouther said it best. At least we have some quack to get us through day 1.

  • Oregon ended up 11th in the final AP poll. It would have been nice to have ended up in the top 10, but I'll take a Pac-10 championship any day. USC was the only other Pac-10 team to end up ranked, and they sit at 22.
  • LaMichael James and John Boyett were named to the FWAA freshmen all-America team, and Chip Kelly was named the first year coach. While the James pick was obvious, it's nice to see Boyett getting some love. He was superb this season, played excellent coverage, and made some big hits. I'm excited to see him anchoring our secondary for the next three years.
  • The Oregon women are looking for their first 3-0 start in conference play since 2001. They play OSU in Corvallis on Saturday. But despite the excitement building around the team, the Ducks aren't satisfied, and there is still "work to do" according to Coach Westhead, especially defensively. The Ducks lead the country in scoring at 87.1 ppg, and if they can improve defensively, they will be a very dangerous team.
  • There's a new Duck basketball blog that just sprung up, and the writer, Jay, has an optimistic post on the Duck basketball season. While I'm still holding off on high hopes, no Pac-10 distancing itself from the rest of the conference, and the Ducks have a great shot to win some basketball games. With Malcolm Armstead, Tajuan Porter, and Michael Dunigan playing well, they will be competitive with every team in the Pac-10. And who knows, the WSU could end up being a galvanizing moment for the Ducks, much like the Cal win was for the Oregon football team.
  • Speaking of Dunigan, the RG has a profile on him today. Dunigan grew up in one of the worst sections of Chicago, and hated basketball when it was foisted upon him. But, he's grown to love it, and has taken major strides this season. This is a great piece about a kid you really want to succeed, so check it out.

As always, leave your other quack below. GO DUCKS!