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12 Pac Review: Oregon State bears down; Luck exploits the Tampa 2 late in the game and Oregon withstands some hot Cougar action

1.  Oregon 43 at Washington State 23 - That was an ugly win.  The injuries aside, the defense looked pathetic and guys weren't really flying to the ball until the second half.  The blitz scheme was repetitive and WSU's offensive line was able to handle it rather well.  Oregon's offensive line had another bad road game not being able to open holes for James and having quite a few penalties also.  No matter, a win is a win in the Pac 10, and I'm sure that Kelly won't have much difficulty finding tape and things to work on as Oregon gets a little break until they take on UCLA on October 21st.

2.  Stanford 37 vs USC 35 - I'm leaving Stanford at #2 because I still think they're the second best team in the conference, although I'd entertain an argument for OSU at #2 right now.  "The Ficus" needed a late drive down the field with less than a minute to play to take down the Boys of Troy.  USC isn't playing terrible, they just have a hard time stopping people when it matters.  Not sure whether this is a matter of discipline, or understanding of Father Monte's scheme, but in back to back weeks, they've allowed a team to march down the field at the end of the game with a game winning field goals.  Also, Kiffen Jr, you have 1st and goal at the 3 with about a minute to play and the clock winding, why didn't you make Stanford use their time outs or at least run some clock?

3.  Oregon St 29 at Arizona 27 - You know it's October because Oregon State is finally winning games they shouldn't.  Although this win came with a huge price, James Rodgers' knee.  On a deep ball completion James Rodgers fought his way into the endzone when an Arizona defender pulled him down and Rodgers' knee buckled.  He spent the remaining part of the game on the sideline in crutches and sweatsuits.  Jacquizz and Katz took the team on their shoulders and finished off the victory.  Katz went 30/42 for 393 yards and Quizz added 83 on the ground to take down the #9 Wildcats at home.

4.  Arizona

5.  California 35 vs UCLA 7 - I know Cal, this was a rivalry game for you and that's why you have to be in the same division as them in the Pac 12, right?  Anyway, the Jekyll and Hyde UCLA team showed up once again as they never got anything going offensively and Cal just banged away with their backfield as they rushed for 304 total yards on the day.  Kevin Riley was never really called upon to win the game for them as he only threw 16 passes all day, and UCLA still struggles to find any type of passing game as their two QB's combined to go 15/37 for 118 yards.

6.  USC

7.  UCLA

8.  Arizona St 24 at Washington 14 - ASU scored 20 plus 4 more to beat the huskies.  It seems like 20 and 4 are good numbers when playing against UW.  Steven Threet was able to exploit a secondary with a lot of holes in the middle of it as he threw 21/34 for 288 yards.  Once again Chris Polk rushed for over 100 yards in a losing effort (in 4 of the last 20 6 games he's rushed for 100+ yards the huskies have ended up losing).   Doesn't get any easier for the huskies as Oregon State comes to town next week while ASU gets a much needed breather before heading to Cal  on the 23rd.

9.  Washington

10.  Washington State

Utah 68 at Iowa St 27 - While everyone gushes over  undeserving Boise and TCU for BCS hopes, Utah is quietly going about racking up huge win after huge win on crappy teams too.  Obviously, Utah still has to play at Air Force and face TCU at home, but I'd say that that if they win both of those games their resume at the end of the year will be better than both TCU and Boise considering they also beat Pitt earlier in the year.  So PaulSF, cry all you want for Boise getting jumped, I don't hear the same outrage over the fact that Utah wasn't even given the leg up at the beginning of the season as either of those teams in pre-season polls even though they're doing the same thing.

Colorado 0 at Missouri 26 - Colorado is a mess.  Don't get me wrong, I'm super glad they're joining the Pac 12, but that team is a mess.  How do you beat Georgia 29-27 and then go out and lay a goose egg to Missouri?  I know Missouri is better, but CU is more erratic than UCLA right now.  With CU joining the Pac it will be interesting to see how they try and put that team together to be competitive.  This is a great market (Denver) with a really good history that is right now in the doldrums.  If they get the right type of coach with the increase they'll see in revenue, CU could be a contender in the conference, then again, they could be WSU 2.0.