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ATQ Blogpoll: Oregon takes top spot in our ballot for third time ever

This has been a very fun season so far. This is one of the most exciting Oregon teams we've had the pleasure of watching, and yes, also incredibly frustrating. But when this team is going on both sides of the ball, the Ducks can put away any team in a matter of minutes.

But despite their success, up until this point, Oregon was on the outside of the national championship pictures. They were sitting at #3 in both polls, which, in a way was very nice. There was little actual pressure. If Oregon lost, we were still playing for a Rose Bowl, and were never quite in the national championship picture. While there is always pressure when you're near the top of college football, the jump from #2 to #3 is significant, at least for us fans. Living with that pressure is really something we as Oregon fans have ever had to think about, especially with this many games left in the season.

Well everyone, jump on board the pressure cooker. It's sure to be heartbreaking and awesome. Just a reminder of what's at stake. And for fun, here are a few similarities between right now, and the first time Oregon graced the top spot of the ATQ blogpoll ballot:

  • Oregon took the top spot the week before a bye week. The next game would be on Thursday night a week and a half later.
  • The "1b" running back was injured (in both seasons against WSU). While Barner is not out for the season, you can never be sure what's going on with a head injury.
  • Oregon's starting QB was injured the previous week. In both games, the QB could have come back in "had it been necessary."

Yikes. Now, obviously, there are a lot of differences. But Oregon's in a place it's never been. And I couldn't be more excited and scared to see how this all turns out.

After the jump is the full Blogpoll ballot. As always, leave your comments and thought below. GO DUCKS!