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Quack Fix: Chip Kelly locks it down during "improvement" week.

Bye weeks are tough. Honestly, Central Florida at Marshall just didn't do it for me last night. With Chip Kelly closing practice and unwilling to discuss player statuses, to-the-day updates are lacking. But when you're no. 2, reporters will find something to write here's your Thursday quack:

  • Chip says he closed practices because he felt that's what the team needed - he's obviously got the FOCUS down. Anne Peterson of the AP recaps the Pac-10 media call with the Ducks coach.
  • You can also check out Ted Miller's take on Kelly's tight grip on information. Unlike some, Miller is able to find humor in how Kelly runs his ship.
  • Rob Moseley's latest update includes a few interesting mid-season tidbits. Concussions are serious business, and Moseley takes an in-depth look at how team doctor Greg Skaggs approaches the kind of injury suffered last Saturday by Kenjon Barner.
  • Gary Horowitz of the Statesman Journal has a thorough recap of the Ducks first six games. Fair warning - the SJ site is poorly designed...look for the "next page" link to get through the entire article.
  • The latest Oregon Ducks recruit tracker from OregonLive.
  • The NCAA has taken over an investigation into possible rules violations by former members of the Oregon men's basketball team. Ron Bellamy of the R-G reports that Oregon officials have been cooperative and that the NCAA is now taking the lead in the process.
  • The Oregon women's hoops team plays in arguably the toughest conference in the country. Rob Moseley previews the 2010 team, which will have to replace the considerable production of former Ducks Taylor Lilley and Micaela Cocks.

If you find more quack, please share in the comments. Go Ducks!