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12 Pac Review: UW wins in 2OT thriller; Bears take a dump in LA; WSU takes out another starting QB and Sunday Discussion Topics

1.  Oregon - Bye week came at a great time for the Ducks.  Let everyone else lose and move up in the irrelevant rankings and take the time to get healthy, do some recruiting and get prepared for the final stretch.

2.  Stanford

3.  Arizona 24 at Washington St 7 - The defense and running game helped Arizona bounce back from a loss last week against the Beavers to withstand the Cougs who are becoming a very pesky team.  WSU knocked out the starting QB for an opponent for the second week in a row when Nick Foles went down in the second quarter with what looked like a pretty bad knee injury.  Arizona relied on the duo of Antolin and Grigsby to combine for 158 yards on the ground and the defense caused 4 turnovers to put the Cougs away.  Washington St is definitely looking better every week and it won't be long until they catch a team over looking them and pull off a nice Pac 10 win.

4.  USC 48 vs Cal 14 - Was this a case of USC playing great or Cal playing like crap?  I'm not sure.  Cal's entire team is so inconsistent.  They can hold Arizona to 9 points on the road and then give up 42 to USC in a half.  I can't even begin to describe how bad Riley and Ludwig are at QB and OC.  After back to back weeks of losing on last second FGs, USC looked like they wanted to put this game away early.  Barkley is looking much more consistent as the year progresses, and while I'm not sold just yet on USC's defense or running game, Barkley has two outstanding wideouts right now to throw to in Robert Woods and Ronald Johnson.  USC now gets two weeks off to prepare for Oregon in LA.

5.  Washington 35 vs Oregon State 34 2OT - Great game that needed two overtimes to settle the score.  I'm not sure I agree with Riley's call to go for two in the second overtime.  If you score again in the third overtime you're going to be forced to go for two then, why do it now?  Also, if you're going to go for it, why not put the ball in the hands of your best player, Jacquizz.  Katz struggled finding guys all night and Halahuni had 1 reception for 5 yards while Quizz had gotten every score you needed up to that point.  I'm not trying to pin that loss on Riley, I just don't think I agreed with that call.  What do you think.

6.  Oregon State

7.  Arizona State

8.  Cal

9.  UCLA

10. Washington State

Utah 30 at Wyoming 6 - Utah steam rolled another pathetic team on their way to their eventual match up with TCU on Nov 6.  Here's a discussion topic, look at all three schedules between TCU, Utah and Boise and tell me who will have the worse schedule by year's end.  Utah's key match ups will be Pitt, Air Force (who lost to SDSU this week) TCU and Notre Dame.  TCU's big games will be Oregon State, Air Force and Utah and Boise will have Oregon State, VA Tech and Nevada (who dropped to Hawaii this week). 

Colorado 25 vs Baylor 31 - I really thought Colorado could pull this much needed game out at home.  Unfortunately, Baylor's Griffin III was too much for the Buffs to handle as he went 22/27 for 234 yards and added another 137 on the ground.

Sunday Discussion Topics:

Talk about the huge 2-point conversion call by Riley, how Utah, TCU and Boise stack up as well as the first BCS rankings that are set to be announced today on ESPN.  Early projections have Oklahoma #1 with Oregon #2 and BSU, TCU and Auburn coming in after that.  Use this space to talk about the rankings (AP, USA Today, Matt Daddy's Pac 10 Power Poll or BCS) as well as other topics that come up today.

Go Ducks!