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Oregon overcomes slow start, stomps Stanford 52-31

It took a while, but eventually, Oregon got to Andrew Luck.
It took a while, but eventually, Oregon got to Andrew Luck.

When it was 21-3, I so thought it was over -ntrebon

I don't think that too many of us can disagree with Nick. When Stanford took an early 21-3 lead, it did not look good for the Ducks. They were getting outplayed in every phase of the game.

But, the Ducks did not give up. The emotion gave way to focus, and the Ducks started scoring, and eventually started getting stops. And that led to a 49-10 run that put the game away.

After this game, there isn't much doubt that when the Ducks are playing at their peak, they are one of the top teams in the nation. While they may not always play at that level, they are mere second away from playing at that level.

While watching this game, I couldn't help but compare this team to the 2006 Oregon team. The 2006 team may have been more talented (at least offensively), but this team is tougher. They will not give up. They will not let the other team beat them. They will not crumble in the face of adveristy. Darron Thomas will not always be perfect, and we can expect him to make mistakes. But when he does make mistakes, we can expect him to come back and rebound from his mistakes.

And that can be true for this entire team. They made mistakes early, but did not give up. They buckled down, and would not let an inferior opponent beat them.

There were many points of this game we could call the turning point: the gutsy onside kick, the Javes Lewis hit on Owusu, any of Thomas' touchdown passes. But put together, this team has something special. This game was one of the scariest and most entertaining game I've ever witnessed. And at the day, the Ducks turned the tables on Stanford and physically dominated them.

This win tells us a lot about this Oregon team, and should give us a lot of hope for the future. Our team fought hard, and despite adversity, won every play. This is a very good team, and we should enjoy such a great win. GO DUCKS!