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Quack Fix: Oregon solidifies #2 BCS ranking, looks forward to showdown with USC

After another wild weekend of college football, Oregon continued to plod forward in the college football rankings, and look forward to another game in the national spotlight.

  • Oregon gained first place votes in the human polls, and continued to hold down the second spot in the BCS standings. While Oregon was passed by Auburn, Rob Moseley says it's not time to fret. Oregon is in a great position to hold it's spot in the top 2, as long as the Ducks win out, and with a big game at USC next weekend, that will not be an easy task.
  • Oregon 7-0 for the first time since 1933, but the Ducks can't afford to rest on their successes. Each game that Oregon plays will be "the biggest game in school history," and Chip Kelly is already in search of new superlatives to describe the importance of each game.
  • This week, the Ducks gets USC, and Rob Moseley has all the applicable statistics. USC has played a tougher schedule than the Ducks, but the Ducks hold a significant edge in most categories. But Oregon will be on the road, where they have not been stellar this season. In particular, the offensive line has not been impressive. The Ducks will need some big performances along the line to come out of LA with a win.
  • John Hunt has an early game preview up, and notes that the Ducks are 7 point favorites. While I've been critical of Lane Kiffin, he has brought out the best in Matt Barkley so far. Oregon's defense will face a stiff test on the road, where they have been less than spectacular at times.
  • One thing Oregon can expect is USC to be incredibly motivated. However, this article notes that USC is just now trying to get in shape for Oregon's speed. But Oregon has been working on conditioning since last winter. If USC cedes the pace of the game early, they will be at a significant disadvantage.
  • If you missed it on Saturday, Rob Moseley had a great piece on Darron Thomas. And can we give enough praise to Thomas? The gameplan that beat the Ducks last year (stack the box and force the Ducks into 3rd and long) is simply no longer applicable. What has impressed me most about Thomas is his ability to go through reads and stand in the pocket. While the offensive line deserves a lot credit for only two sacks this season, Thomas has done just as much to ensure that statistic. His pocket awareness has been tremendous, and he has gotten many passes off under pressure.

Lots to talk about, so leave your thoughts on rankings, USC, or anything else in the comments. GO DUCKS!