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Jersey Contest: Week 9 -- Blogger Picks

Have you made your picks yet?  If not, please submit your picks via this form before the deadline (tonight at 11:59:59 PM PT).  Here's a list of all the users that have successfully submitted picks this week, as of 7:00 AM PT today.  With Matt Daddy out of the country for a few weeks, we have daisyduck filling in for his picks.  Unfortunately, it looks like another boring week of picks from us.

Dave Nick Jared Dominic Jeremy Paul Takimoto daisyduck
Michigan State at Iowa Iowa MSU
Iowa Iowa
Missouri at Nebraska
Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Florida vs. Georgia
Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
Florida Georgia Florida
California at Oregon State
Michigan at Penn State
Michigan Michigan Michigan Penn State
Michigan Michigan

Michigan State at Iowa [Jeremy]:

Unless you're a Michigan man (or woman), what's not to like about Michigan State's run to 8-0 and a no. 5 ranking? Sparty's kept it rolling with a consistent running game and efficient QB from Kirk Cousins - 141-212, 14 TDs and only 4 INTs. Statistically, this looks like a tight game on paper and usually late season games between quality Big Ten teams are close. Iowa hasn't been able to beat ranked teams this year, with loses to no. 24 Arizona and no. 13 Wisconsin. So I'm going with...Iowa. Look, I gotta lean Hawkeyes for the same reason I don't think our Ducks will go undefeated - playing in a tough conference means you'll lose at some point. Alabama has. Ohio State has. Oklahoma has. This week, so does Michigan State, which, by the way, hasn't won at Iowa since 1989.

Missouri at Nebraska [Dominic]:

Outside of the brainfart the Cornhuskers had a couple of weeks ago, they've been playing really good football, including a win over undefeated Oklahoma State last week. They've got the edge in Offense and Defense against the Tigers and I'm not seeing a let down this week. Coming off the emotional high of beating Oklahoma, and a first ever GameDay experience, you have to wonder just how spent this Missouri team is. Make JConant happy. Take the Cornhuskers.

Florida vs. Georgia [Paul]:

Georgia's starting to play better. Florida seems to be getting worse. All indications are the Bulldogs should win this one between the hedges on Saturday when the Gators come to town. But for some reason, I trust Urban Meyer will make some adjustments to the struggling Florida offense, and the Gators will get back on track. I'm taking Florida, but against my better judgment.


California at Oregon State [Takimoto]:

Cal has been beyond terrible on the road this season, and they haven't beaten the Beavers since 2006, behind three touchdowns from Marshawn Lynch.  Beastmode is not walking through that door.  Beavers 38, Golden Bears 31.


Michigan at Penn State [Dave]:

Penn State sucks.  Like, really, really sucks.  Michigan also sucks, but at least they have Denard Robinson.  Give me the Wolverines.