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12 Pac Review: Ducks chop down the Tree; Locker wins on the road; OSU and UCLA hold home field.


1.  Oregon 52 vs Stanford 31 - If you had told me that Oregon would go on a 49-10 run once they fell down 21-3, I probably would have laughed in your face.  The scary part about this team is that they still haven't put together a complete game from start to finish, but you have to be happy about how nobody gets down, they make their adjustments and just keep putting pressure on you for the full 60 minutes.  These guys are so well coached, and they have so many playmakers.  Lastly, does Chip Kelly have the biggest balls ever?  First, that 4th down call early in the second on our own 34 and then that onside kick.  Wow.  Great win for the Ducks.

2.  Stanford - I'm not knocking Stanford from #2 just for losing that game.  Hey Musberger, you can stop drooling over Luck and start talking about Darron Thomas now.  Look at the two lines for the two QB's:

Att Comp Comp % Yards Avg/Comp TD INT Rush Att Yards Ag/Rush TD
Thomas 20 29 69% 238 8.2 3 2 15 117 7.8 1
Luck 29 46 63% 341 7.4 2 2 8 39 4.9 1


Thomas has been amazingly consistent in his first 5 games.  220, 202, 140 (PSU), 260, and now 238 yards passing in each game.  It's so good having a QB who can really keep the defense honest with his arm.  Luck was equally impressive, only Stanford didn't have the weapons he needed later in the game as they started to wear down and the Ducks defense kept the pressure on.

3.  Arizona

4.  Oregon State 31 vs Arizona St 28 - It wasn't easy, but OSU held off the pesky Sun Devils at home.  Once again Oregon State struggled on third down (going 5-13 and giving up 7-16 to ASU).  Jacquizz Rodgers rushed for 145 yards on 24 carries and Katz had one of his best games as a Beaver going 19/29 for 260 yards, 2 TDs and no INTs.  Steven Threet is probably happy to not have to play a school from Oregon again after he threw 7 INTs in 2 weeks.  I still think ASU is better than their record, but eventually moral victories are going become rather hollow in a locker room.  Erickson has some work to do if he wants to be coaching in Tempe again next year.

5.  Cal

6.  UCLA 42 vs Washington State 28 - Kevin Prince had to sit this one out and UCLA was able to actually throw the ball for 128 yards.  WSU actually had the lead in this game late when they drove down the field and at the start of the 4th Tuel ran a bootleg and dove into the endzone.  WSU ended up missing the extra point, and after we came back from the commercial break we learned that they were reviewing the TD.  Not the PAT, but the TD.  The Pac 10 refs were a travesty again this week, but this call was inexcusable.  It totally changed the momentum of the game, and UCLA went on to stop WSU at the 1 and then score 2 more TDs and get the win.  I really hope Larry Scott hands out some serious punishments for how awful the Pac 10 refs were this weekend.

7.  Washington 32 at USC 31 - So Locker won a road game, yipee.  If you were waiting for that game where the Trojans just quit, here it is.  USC was averaging 7.6 yards per carry on the ground, only faced 7 3rd downs all game, and Barkley was 14/20 for 186 yards, and yet they still lost.  Why?  They couldn't stop UW when it mattered (as jtlight would say, they didn't want it more).  4th and 10 at Washington's 23 with less than 2 minutes to play and up 2,they give up a first down.  On the next play they allow a 26 yard gash right up the middle to Polk/?.  USC takes on Stanford next week at the Farm, it should be interesting to see how or if they bounce back.  UW welcomes struggling ASU to Montlake, which if UW holds any bowl hopes they are definitely going to need to win.

8.  USC

9.  Arizona State

10.  Washington State

Colorado 29 vs Georgia 27 - Even with the return of AJ Green for Georgia, Colorado was able to add a big win against an SEC opponent (and we wonder why Georgia wanted to back out of our home and home).  Right now the only team that CU has lost to was a stomping at the hands of California, once again showing just how deep the Pac 10 is this year.