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12 Pac Review: Captain Obvious Edition; Cal gets stomped on the road, Washington is beyond terrible; and Oregon blows out another overmatched opponent

1.  Oregon 53, USC 32 - If the king was slain last year, then Oregon took no chances and nuked the coffin.  53 points and 599 yards in the Coliseum sends a powerful message.  Make no mistake about who owns this conference, as SC just doesn't have the depth at any level to compete with the Ducks for four quarters.  Maybe soon we'll have to start calling it the 1+11 Pac Review.  Ducks will stay #1 and move up significantly in the computer polls heading into Happy I Hate Washington Week.

2.  Stanford 41, Washington 0 - Andrew Luck was hardly necessary as Stanford slashed and gashed a bad Washington defense for almost 300 yards on the ground.  Washington's offense couldn't even get on the scoreboard, gaining an anemic 107 yards on the game, 88 through the air, and a pathetic 19 on the ground on 25 carries.  I think Stanford will win out and get a second BCS berth for the Pac-10.  Washington gets to come to Autzen next week, where they are going to lose eleventy jillion to zero.

3.  Arizona 29, UCLA 21 - It wasn't pretty, but as Oregon has learned this season, sometimes on the road you just want to take the W and get out of Dodge.  Arizona actually outgained the Bruins by almost 300 yards, but suffered from a massive case of field-goalitis in the red zone.  Next up is a Stanford-Arizona matchup that could determine a BCS berth.

4.  Oregon State 35, Cal 7 - OSU's spot here is provisional.  They manhandled Cal, but everybody does that on the road.  This is still the same team that lost to Washington, but also the only team that's beaten Arizona.  Meanwhile, Cal loses Kevin Riley for the season with a knee injury.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing for them.

5.  USC

6.  California

7.  Arizona State 42, Washington State 0 - This was a collective bitchslap to Coug Nation, who thought that they had turned a corner and a win was imminent.  A tough ASU defense harrassed Jeff Tuel and just never allowed WSU to get anything going.

8.  Washington

9.  UCLA

10.  Washington State

Utah 28, Air Force 23 - Air Force played Utah tough, but Utah managed to put them away in what looked like an overlook game for the Utes.  Next weeks game against TCU should be for a Mountain West title and a BCS berth.

Colorado 10, Oklahoma 43 - Maybe we should make a division out of Colorado, Washington, Washington State, Arizona State, UCLA, and Cal.  We can call it the SEC East.