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Jersey Contest: Week 6

Here are your games for week six of the 2010 ATQ Jersey Contest.  As usual, submit your picks via the form found after the jump.  Your picks must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on Friday and you can submit multiple entries -- I will accept your latest set of picks that are submitted prior to the deadline.  

Weekly Prize: This week, ATQ will award a blog t-shirt to one of the participants who earns the top weekly score.  The winner will be randomly selected (using to generate a random number) from all members who earned the high score.  To see all of the available blog t-shirts, check out the Addicted To Quack store.

  • Michigan State at Michigan
  • LSU at Florida
  • Arizona State at Washington
  • Oregon State at Arizona (-7.5)
  • USC at Stanford (-7.5)