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We Can Talk All the Polls We Want, So Long As We Keep Winning

The AP Top 25. The USA Today coaches' poll. The BCS. The Harris poll. The SB Nation BlogPoll. The Power 16. The Bottom 10. The Average 8.

It seems all anyone wants to talk about this week are polls.

After the dust settled following the Ducks' primetime, nationally televised outburst in a 52-31 win over Stanford at Autzen Stadium last Saturday, College Football Nation woke to the news that Oregon had jumped perennial BCS martyr and then-No. 3 Boise State in both the AP and USA Today coaches' polls.

And predictably the debate ensued.

Maybe it was too soon to write off the Broncos after they took care of business against subpar competition. Or maybe Oregon should have jumped Ohio State, too, after the Buckeyes' lackluster performance against Illinois. And wait a minute, whatever happened to TCU?

With the initial BCS poll due out in 10 days, everyone has an opinion. Including me.


That is, everyone except Chip Kelly.

"We have not talked about the polls. I say that every day. We've never talk about a poll ... Because it means nothing."

And maybe Chip’s onto something. After all, this isn't the first time Kelly's denounced the polls.

"I think if you start wasting your time and energy on where you are in the polls and all those other things, you've lost sight of what you're supposed to be doing."

The Ducks, in Kelly's second year, clearly haven't lost sight. They're scoring nearly a point a minute. They're leading the country in scoring offense, total offense, and yards per game, not to mention they've outscored their opponents 114-7 in the second half through five games.

And while we sit around and speculate on who deserves the eventually irrelevant No. 3 spot in this week's polls, Kelly's preaching to his team to finish, keep improving, and win the day.

Of course, Kelly's attitude still won't stop us from speculating. But he won't buy into it. When asked by Jay Crawford on ESPN's First Take earlier this week whether the pollsters got the top 5 right, Kelly shot back wittily with a question of his own:

"I have no idea, and I don't care to be honest with you. It's nice that people talk about you but it's the second week of October. I'll quiz you right now, Jay: Who was ranked No. 3 in the country the second week of October last year?"

That'd be Alabama, Chipper.

Yeah, I think I like speculating about polls.