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ATQ Blogpoll: Scares to the top 3 teams do not spur changes, yet

It was a pretty boring week in the Blogpoll, with little change near the top. Stanford's relative struggle on the road and Wisconsin continuing momentum prompted me to switch them, but beyond that, well, this may be my poll with the least amount of movement on the season. I constructed my poll from scratch, as usual, so this is simply an indication that we're nearing that point of the season where recent results have a hard time overcoming a teams full body of work.

I'm going to give Oregon the benefit of the doubt after this week. This was their first week where they really struggled, and the rest of the top 3 did also. But Oregon now has a very strong strength of schedule and a great margin of victory to go along with it. One close win doesn't change that. Cam Newton overcame another poor showing by the Auburn defense to lead the Tigers one step closer to a BCS title shot.

However, TCU's performance this week opens up the door for Boise to make their move over the next two weeks. While TCU dominated SDSU for much of their game this week, they never slammed the door, and allowed the Aztecs to stay in the game late. While I wouldn't hold this against a team like Oregon or Auburn, who play significantly harder schedules, Boise has yet to struggle against their inferior opponents (La Tech doesn't count). However, they face two of the top teams in their conference over the next two weeks, and with TCU's schedule all but over, how Boise wins those games will determine if they can pass TCU.

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