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12 Pac Review: The Big Butt Kicking; USC's troubles in Oregon continue and UCLA vs UW – who wants to win it less. Everyone’s fighting for bowl games now.

1.  Oregon

2.  Stanford 48 at Cal 14 - Cal's defense didn't look as formidable going up against Stanford's over sized offensive line and very accurate Andrew Luck.  Brock "porn name" Mansion continued to play for the other team as he went 19/37 for 173 (4.7 avg) and 2 INTs.  Stanford's win puts them at 10-1 with only Oregon State left on their schedule.  Stanford's continued excellence has helped Oregon tremendously all year in the polls, but you have to think now that they are very close to being a second BCS team if Oregon goes undefeated.  Cal still needs one win to become bowl eligible with UW coming to town next week.  That's gong to be a very important game with both teams needing that win to go to a bowl game.

3.  Arizona

4.  Oregon St 36 vs USC 7 - USC's struggles in the state of Oregon continue even though Carroll has moved on.  USC can't be happy that their little darling Matt Barkley got his ankle rolled up late in the second and didn't return.  It didn't matter too much as Oregon St jumped on the back of Thing 2 and rode him to the tune of 128 yards on 26 carries.  I'll admit to not watching a lot of Oregon State games very closely this year, but how is this the same team that was basically impotent at UW, lost to UCLA (one of the most pathetic offenses I've ever seen) and got slapped around last week by WSU?  I can't figure out if I'm confident for the Civil War or scared our of my mind right now.  I encourage OSU fans to give us a little insight into this team.

5.  USC

6.  Cal

7.  ASU

8.  Washington 24 vs UCLA 7 - This game was pathetic.  Both offenses struggled to get anything going and UCLA had to go to their 3rd string QB (Chris Harper 2.0) when Brehaut went out with a concussion in the third.  Jake Locker wasn't much better as he fought off sore ribs and went 10/21 for 68 yards and 1 INT.  Altogether the QB's were 16/46 for 123 yards and 4 INT's.  UCLA can still become bowl eligible with a win against ASU and USC, and UW still needs wins at Cal and WSU.

9.  UCLA

10.  Washington State

Utah 38 at San Diego St 34 - Utah's been trying everything they can to make TCU's big win look as unimpressive as possible, but a 14 point fourth quarter down 34-24 helped them pull out a win against the dreaded Aztecs.  Once again proving that teams like fBSU and TCU have absolutely no business being in MNC games with the types of schedules they have to play all year long.

Colorado 44 vs Kansas St 36 - I think it's laughable that KSU is ever ranked with their fBSU type scheduling.  Colorado moved to 2-0 post Hawkins and RB Rodney Stewart has been a huge beneficiary of the post Hawkins era as he's had 36 and 34 carries per game respectively.  Next week CU plays Nebraska in the Big 12 "Flip Off" game, as both teams head to different conferences next year.  I really hope the AD's try and keep the CU - NU rivalry going even after this week especially because going forward it will be a Pac 12 versus Big 10 game.