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ATQ Blogpoll: Boise State makes its final run at TCU, will they make the BCS championship game?

I did it. I finally took the plunge and jumped BSU over TCU. Both teams have looked very good this year, but TCU's struggles against San Diego State have really hurt them as Boise has not struggled with any of their conference games. If Boise can get another big this weekend against Nevada, they'll likely jump TCU in the BCS standings as well, and both teams will hope for Oregon or Auburn to be upset.

And with both Oregon and Auburn facing ranked teams on Friday, it should make for an exciting day of football, and a nerve-wracking day for Bronco and Horned Frog fans. While Oregon is a heavy favorite, Auburn has to go on the road and face Alabama as an underdog. Currently they getting almost 5 points against the Tide, which is a bit baffling to me. While Alabama has a great defense, I see Newton and company pulling this one out. Auburn will be able to move the ball, but Alabama's offense just hasn't been that effective lately. They have struggled to run the ball against competitive teams, and while Greg McElroy is a very good and effective QB, he's not a QB that is going to be able to take over a game, unlike the QB that he'll be facing.

The Ducks face a stiff test of their own, and Arizona has the talent to match the Ducks on both sides of the ball. After last week's bye week snoozefest, we're in for some great November football.

The full poll is after the jump. Leave your thoughts on the poll, as well as how you think things will shake out this Friday in the comments.