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Quack Fix: Turkey Day Edition

When you're addicted to quack, a holiday is just another day and you've got have your fix. We understand. Enjoy your turkey today. Or, pork or beef or tempah or whatever. Get your slothful tryptophan high on and relax, 'cause tomorrow's a big day. Tomorrow, we dine on cat.

Here's your quack:

  • While some fan bases still scoff (looking at you UW, Cal), some in the media have moved past the "gimmick" moniker when evaluating Oregon's offensive scheme. Arizona Daily Star writer Patrick Finley call's Oregon's offense a "blur" and predicts that many imitators will soon emerge.
  • Just how challenging is it to face Chip Kelly's Oregon? A number of Pac-10 coaches weigh in.
  • Okay, so here's the story that isn't a story, but really is... LaMichael James' use of a friend's vehicle was investigated by the University and the NCAA. It's all legit. No wrong-doing was found. We move on. Of course, there was all kinds of message boards reaction: "Not a story!" "Bored writers with an ax to grind." And so on. Folks, when the NCAA investigates possibly the top RB in the nation, who plays for the nation's current no. 1 team, it's newsworthy. It's just as newsworthy as the fact that he's been cleared and it's done.
  • Autzen East? Evidently it's a restaurant in Washington D.C., where as many as a 125 people show up for ever Ducks game. Fun piece over at Oregonlive. Of course, at ATQ were already familiar with just how global the addiction has spread.
  • Some old news here, but if you haven't heard the latest in football recruiting, here are some updates by Matt Prehm from
Well, it's not a lot of quack, but it's what I've got on a holiday morning. That, and I have 10 pounds of yams that need to be peeled...fantastic. If you find some good quack, please share in the comments. Better yet, ATQers, tell us what you're thankful for today.