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12 Pac Review: It All Comes Down to This

1.  Oregon 48 vs Arizona 29 - Once again Oregon used it's rope-a-dope strategy to wear teams down while giving them the faintest of hopes that they may upset #1, only to come out in the second half, put the pedal to the floor and steam roll them.  This sets up one of the biggest Civil War games ever.  Oregon will be playing for a spot in the BCS National Championship game and Oregon State will be playing for a spot in any postseason game.

2.  Stanford 38 vs Oregon State 0 - Stanford put a beat down on the Beavers at the The Farm.  If Andrew Luck doesn't go to the NFL this year,  he definitely has a career waiting for him as a taxidermist the way he carved up and stuffed the Beavers.  Luck went 21/30 for 305 yards and 4 TD's.  The Beaver's secondary was really exposed by Luck, and if Paea wasn't getting pressure, he had all day to scan the field and find the open guy.  Quizz was held to only 76 yards on the day.  I really think Stanford has done enough to warrant a second invite to a BCS game, even though their fans would never know about it.

3.  Arizona

4.  USC 16 vs Notre Dame 20 - So Mitch Mustain, this has been what you've been waiting for all those years?  You transferred and then sat behind a true freshman only to get called upon to start against the hated rival Notre Dame, and you 20/37 for 177 yards and 0 TD's.  Although, I can't say that you got much help as USC's vaunted running game produced 80 yards on 30 carries (Hey Lane, I'm guessing you need some "non-NFL" type lineman then).

5.  Washington 16 at Cal 13 - I don't even know what to write about this game.  It was painful to watch as both teams combined for 15 punts, and except for a hail mary prayer that miraculously tipped and caught by Goodwin, there was absolutely no offense to speak of for either team.  As a matter of fact, with 1st and goal at the 2 yard line, it took UW all 4 plays to get it into the end zone with no time on the clock to win the game.  UW now has to go to Pullman, and win the Apple Cup to earn its first bowl game since 2002.

6.  Oregon State - I really can rank OSU higher than UW considering they have the same records and UW actually beat OSU.

7.  Arizona St 55 vs Ucla 34 - ASU put the hammer down on the Bruins by racking up 595 yards, 384 in the air and 211 on the ground.  I'm really confounded by Ucla and what they are doing with their coaching staff.  I'm still confused on why they switched to a pistol offense with slow QB's who can't run or throw.  And now they've extended Norm Chow's contract by two years.  If I'm Mike Bellotti, I try and make ESPN work for one more year, and then wait for Ucla to call once the Weasel is in the unemployment line.  Oh, and Arizona St is going to be really good next year.  I think they'll be in the top 3 teams in the conference.

8.  Ucla

9.  Washington State - Here's my pep talk to WSU fans.  This is what you've been waiting for.  It has been evident since the first couple of weeks that you weren't making a bowl game, but right now you have an opportunity to do the same to your most hated rival.  You will forever be able to say that you were the team that kept Jake Locker from playing in a bowl game.  This is your bowl game.  This is your chance.  Think about how wonderful it would be all off season to hold that over the heads of husky fans.  So show up in full force at Martin Stadium, pray for terrible weather and ask juju to be in your graces and cause mischief and go out there and win your first home Pac game of the season!  GO COUGS!!!

10.  Cal - Yeah, you get the last spot for not doing the same thing.  Could there have been a more fitting way to close out Memorial Stadium then to take a giant dump on the middle of the field offensively.  Are Cal fans finally waking up to what we've been saying about Andy Ludwig over the last couple of years?  Hey Tedfurd, if you really wanted to throw someone under the bus for "fake-gate" you shouldn't have chosen the D-line coach, you should have chosen Ludwig.  I'm really interested in seeing what happens in Berkeley this off season, which for them stated today.

Utah 17 vs BYU 16 - Throw out records in rivalry games.  You knew that BYU was going to fight for this one, and it took a blocked FG at the end of the game for Utah to pull it out.  Utah should get a pretty decent bowl game, and then it's on to the shiny new Pac 12.

Colorado 17 at Nebraska 45 - Welcome to the Pac 12 Colorado.