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ATQ Blogpoll: Boise finally gets a dose of true pain

Kyle Brotzman missed two field goals over the weekend. It was a great laugh. We all have had our run-in with Boise fans, and it hasn't been pretty. It's a fanbase that hasn't gone through any significant pain since they burst onto the college football scene in the past decade. It has been pretty much uninterrupted success. And props to the Boise coaching staff for what they've achieved. Despite their schedule, it's a significant accomplishment.

But what I always resented about Boise State is that they never had their heart ripped out as a sports fan. Oh, they've had their losses. They got killed by Georgia a few years ago. They lost a close game to TCU in a bowl game. But none of that compares to teams in BCS conferences that face significant tests every single week of the season. 

Oregon is sitting on the verge of going undefeated (in the regular season) for the first time in school. I still can't wrap my head around this fact. But look at what we as fans have had to go through. If you've been following the team long enough, you had to live through The Suffering. In recent years: The 2000 Civil War. Stanford. The Seattle Bowl. Colvin's fumble. Dixon's knee.

Some of us are steeling ourselves for when/if that other shoe drops. But honestly, all the previous pain is helping me enjoy this season even more. We are lucky enough to get to cheer for the most exciting team in college football. The pain we have endured only makes this success so much sweeter. Enjoy it everyone. We have the biggest game in Oregon football history to look forward to.

The full blogpoll ballot is after the jump. GO DUCKS!