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ATQ Blogpoll: Let the bowl jockeying begin

It's November, which means that everyone can start arguing as to why their team deserves which bowl. The center of the debate are the BCS at-large bids, and with TCU now holding down the 3rd place spot in the BCS (the same spot as this week's poll), they seem to control their own destiny for the non-AQ BCS bid. 

On the outside looking in could be Boise State and Stanford, both of whom will be well-qualified on the field for a BCS bowl, but it's looking like at least one of them will get shut out due to BCS politics. On the bright side, we could be looking forward to an Oklahoma State/Pittsburgh Fiesta Bowl. The BCS! Feel the excitement!

On top of all that, the Pac-10 could be looking at only 3 bowl teams as USC in on probation (Gorby and JShufelt have the full details). I guess that's the price you pay for playing 9 conference games and not scheduling cupcakes (or in ASU's case, scheduling too many).

After the jump is our full poll. Leave your comments, as well as your favorite (or least favorite) possible bowl matchups.