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Quack Fix: Harrington recalls 2000 Civil War, Beavers hope to prove ESPN wrong

Only 3 more days until Oregon heads to Corvallis. Here's some quack to get you to Saturday.

  • The 2000 Civil War seems to be a popular topic over the last 24 hours, and Adam Jude caught up with Joey Harrington, to discuss the horror show. Man, that day sucked. But that loss ultimately proved to be a big motivator for Harrington and the rest of the Ducks. While this years Oregon team hasn't lost yet, they have learned from their mistakes last year. It seems like they're continuing to do what got them to this point.
  • While the battle between fans can get rather testy this week, LaMichael James has a friend on the opposite sideline, who (fortunately for Duck fans) won't be playing next week. James Rodgers and LaMichael became friends during their time competing in track, and have kept in touch since then. James is also friends with Quizz (Here's video of him talking about the friendship). Though LaMichael is quick to note: "If those guys played defense, the communication would have stopped last week." Also, fun fact from the article, Corvallis has something that Eugene doesn't, a Ruby Tuesday. I guess something you just can't have everything.
  • With GameDay coming to Corvallis this weekend, OSU is bracing for an invasion of Ducks, and trying to ignore the fact that GameDay will be there celebrate OSU's rival. Oregon's come a long way this season, and they have one game left. But winning in Corvallis while ESPN is in town would be very sweet indeed. The Beavs will do what they can to stop that from happening, and with the spotlight on Corvallis, the Beavs are playing for more than just a bowl game.
  • The Beavers had their press conference yesterday, and a number of the players responded to Cliff Harris' playful "big brother" comment. Haven't they learned you can't take anything Cliff says seriously? My favorite reaction is from Ryan Katz (make sure to check the video). He seems like a smart fellow.
  • Chip Kelly had his weekly press conference yesterday and said he has a lot of respect for the tradition of the Civil War. But, it's not about "rivalry," it's about "tradition." I'm not even sure what that means. It's only natural that the players (and the assistant coaches) care a bit more about a rivalry game (yes, I know, we have 12 rivalries). But Chip's job is to get them to prepare hard for every game, and he's done that so far, and that looks to be continuing. Also of note from this article, Chip Kelly doesn't like the new Pac-12 scheduling.
  • The Oregon defense has a tough task for the weekend. They've struggled with balanced offenses this year, and Mike Riley offenses are always balanced. OSU has been at their best offensively this season when they've had that balance, but that has not always been easy for them to achieve, especially since the loss of James Rodgers. For the Ducks defense to be successful, they'll need to stop Jacquizz Rodgers, and force Ryan Katz to win the game.
Got any other quack to share? Leave it in the comments. GO DUCKS!