2010-11 ATQ Bowl Pick'em

ATQ will be hosting a group for ESPN's College Bowl Mania.  The pick'em will use a confidence scoring system (if you're unfamiliar with confidence scoring, check out ESPN's FAQ).  And, what's more, we'll be giving away some prizes!  So head over to ESPN to create an entry and join the group (it's free).

Group Name: AddictedToQuack
Password: goducks

Please note the absence of spaces in the group name.  There is another group with the name "Addicted to Quack".  Make sure you join our group (you should see the ATQ logo on the group page).

More on prizes and eligibility after the jump.

Prize: Their will be two prizes for the bowl pick'em.  First place will get their choice of either prize.  The runner up will get whatever prize is left.  All ties will be decided by ESPN's tie-breaking system.  If that fails, a random drawing will determine prize-winners.  The prizes are: (1) a $20 gift certificate to or (2) any shirt from the ATQ store.

Eligibility: To be eligible for a prize, you must be a member of Addicted to Quack (it's free to join).  Only one entry per user (if multiple entries are submitted, you will be disqualified).  All  blog managers and editors are not eligible for the prizes.  Please post the name of your entry as a comment to this fanshot.

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