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Talmadge Jackson III Appreciation Thread

This is a special senior class.  Over the past four season, our seniors have amassed the following:

41-10 record

3-1 vs. Oregon State

3-1 vs. USC

4-0 vs. Washington

2-1 in Bowl Games

Two Pac-10 Championships

Oh yeah, and there's one little game pending.

So, taking a page out of Blazers' Edge, we'll have a series of posts over the next few weeks so that we can show our appreciation to this group.

This Oregon team is full of stars all over the field.  In the secondary, we often talk about Harris and Boyett and Pleasant, while discussion of Talmadge Jackson often gets off track as people bitch about "faceguarding" and other perceived deficiencies.  Yet, for his lack of fanfare and the criticism, Talmadge Jackosn III has been a superb cornerback for Oregon the last four season, as evidence by his selection as first team all Pac-10.  Jackson is not only a two year starter, but has been contributing big as a top reserve since his true freshman season in Eugene.  While not known for big plays a la Cliff Harris, Jackson has been an extremely solid and dependable presence in the defensive backfield, notching eight interceptions and 24 pass breakups over his Oregon career.  Lets enjoy some video memories after the jump.  Here's to you, TJIII:

Arguably Talmadge's biggest play as an Oregon Duck, and his only touchdown.  After being shut out in the first half at UCLA last season, Barner returns the second half kickoff for a TD.  Seconds later, its pick six time to blow the game open:

Jackson's pick to set up the epic game-tying drive at Arizona last season:


 And of course, he had some fun in big situations this season, too: