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LaMichael James becomes first unanimous All-American in Oregon Ducks history

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We started talking this weekend about whether or not LaMichael James is the best running back in school history (my opinion: he is), and now he's done something that no player in school history has ever done. LaMichael was named to the Sporting News All-America (first) team, which made him 5 for 5 on those All-American lists recognized by the NCAA, the first unanimous All-American in school history.

LMJ has had the best season as a running back in school history, and it's not particularly close in my mind. Unquestionably the best back in the nation, he led the country in rushing, yards from scrimmage, and scoring. He set the school record for touchdowns in a year and will like set the school record for yards in a season (despite playing one less game than Jonathan Stewart did in 2007) and yards in a career (as a sophomore) in the BCS Championship Game.

LaMichael has done it all this season, breaking big plays, but also showing incredble strength and power. and carrying this team when they needed it the most. We're lucky to have watched him play, and I can't wait to see what he can do after a month to rest up.

Congrats LaMichael! GO DUCKS!