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Quack Fix: Recruiting Heats Up; Spotlight On The Scout Team.

There's nothing quite like having to wait more than a month for the biggest game ever, right? Thankfully, we can drown ourselves in quack until January 10th. Here's today's fix:

  • Football recruiting is really heating up. It sounds like the Ducks are expecting to get a commitment from Tra Carson, a 6-1, 220-pound RB from Texarkana, TX. Sound familiar? Yep, he's from the same high school as our consensus All-American, LaMichael James.
  • That follows the long-expected news that JC defensive tackle Jared Ebert signed an LOI yesterday (includes other practices and BCS notes from Rob Moseley).
  • Oregon's scout team plays an important role in as the team prepares for the BCS title game. Brandon Bair to take scout QB reps? Nope...Stephen Alexander of the Portland Trib reports that Chip Kelly isn't trying to simulate Cam Newton.
  • Folks in North Pole (AK) are proud of one of those scout team players - redshirt frosh WR Dane Ebanez. BTW, Ebanez was recently named scout team player of the year for offense.
  • Life lesson #371, if you try to steal someone's beloved Duck jersey, you might get beat with a baseball bat. Lesson #371b, if you perform said act and later profess to not love Duck football, you will be deported.
  • How about some hoops... The Ducks are on the east coast to face Virginia Friday night. Oregon will be Virginia's third Pac-10 opponent this season, having already dropped games to Washington, 106-63, and Stanford, 81-60. 
  • Ashton Eaton was back in the spotlight, as he became the second consecutive Duck (Galen Rupp in '09) to take home track and field's top honor, The Bowerman.
  • Oregon pitcher Tyler Anderson has landed on a pre-season all-american list

No doubt there will be plenty more quack throughout the day. If you spot some, please share in the comments.

On that note, this is my final Quack Fix for ATQ. I let Dave, Jared and the guys know that I'm relinquishing my role as an ATQ editor. I just don't have the time to contribute the way a blog writer should these days. I'll still be an active ATQer, and for those of you who attend the "unofficial" ATQ tailgate, yes, you and everyone else are still welcome to hang out. Go Ducks! Bring home a crystal ball.