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Quack Fix: Phil Knight Is All Smiles; Civil War Bragging Rights

The countdown continues. Suck it Beavers, that is all.

Here is your quack:

  • Yes, it's true Ducks fans. We have the best owner in college football. And right now Phil Knight is enjoying the ride just like the rest of us, call the 2010 season so far "a fabulous journey."
  • It's tough for any player to lose a season of eligibility over two plays in the eleventh game of the season. Alejandro Maldonado, however, sees the positives of his situation - and when the team needed him to fill in for Jackson Rice last week, he was ready.
  • Former Ducks Dino Philyaw and Anthony Newman reflect on Civil War bragging rights they earned in the 80s and 90s.
  • Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Tribune weights the likelihoods against the probabilities and comes up with a Ducks Civil War win. Vondersmith seems to understand what the Beavers are on offense: inconsistent. And he gets what they are not on defense: a juggernaut.
  • I want to believe it isn't possible - and how can you not support the young man - but can this really be true? Starting right tackle, a dominant part of Oregon's stout O-line, might miss the Civil War due the birth of his first child. PANIC!!!
  • Lindsay Schnell at Oregonlive has updated her weekly Oregon Ducks recruit tracker. If you haven't checked out some of the video of QB Marcus Mariota, you might take a peek. Last week Mariota was 17-for-23 passing for 230 yards and three TDs in securing a 36-13 Hawaii state title win for St. Louis High School. Largely an unknown earlier this fall, Mariota combined for more than 4,000 yards and 53 TDs during the season.
  • No. 8 Missouri is next up for Ducks hoops. The Ducks took their lumps against no. 1 Duke, and probably will do so again tonight at Mac Court. Dana Altman has the right frame of mind regarding the Ducks playing highly ranked opponents..."it shows us areas we need to work on."
  • Oregon sophomore cross country star Jordan Hasay has secured another well-deserved award. Yesterday Hasay was named the Pac-10 women's CC athlete of the year. I'm guessing she'll own that award for the next few years.
Got quack? If so, please share in the comments. How about a prediction for the Civil War? Mine is 48-17 Ducks. Let's see yours. Who at ATQ has the best crystal ball?