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DJ Davis Appreciation Thread

Continuing with our appreciation for this special senior class, this thread is in honor of senior WR DJ Davis.  Coming to Oregon as a four star recruit out of Denver, most fans thought that Davis was a future go-to receiver.  However, when Davis' first couple of seasons included an ACL tear and didn't go as expected, he did about the most unselfish thing possible:  fully embraced the blocking role required in this offense, and went on to become arguably the best blocking receiver in Oregon history.  He made plenty of big plays in the receiving game, too, picking up key touchdowns in the big wins over Stanford, Arizona, and Oregon State.  Its players like Davis, who sacrifice the spotlight and noteriety in order to do the little things that don't show up in the box score that are the key to great teams.  Here's to you, DJ.

 DJ gets the dagger touchdown on a screen play in the Civil War:

(more videos after the jump)

Another dagger by Davis vs. Stanford:


Davis' block on the perimeter springs LaMichael for a 56 yard TD vs. Washington in 2009:


Another big blocks opens up the TD for Jeff Maehl against USC:


(thanks to keeerrrttt1 for the videos)