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Quack Fix: Keith Motola, Mike Kobelin, Boise State Controversy, and Auburn Conditioning

We were late on the Quack Fix because we were out doing some last minute shopping. It was because JConant stepped down. I overslept. My dog ate my quack fix. Stupid dog. Make sure you check out the DJ Davis appreciation thread.

  • The Auburn players and coaching staff are getting hit with the questions all teams get when playing Oregon. How on earth do you slow down those guys? Don't trick yourself.
  • Here are some more Auburn practice notes including some interesting points about conditioning. This may be the first time I've seen an opponent talking about conditioning "all year" when gearing up for an opponent. I know people talk about us having an edge here, but a month is a long time to work on conditioning. With the Tigers stated goal being to run 80 plays a game, I think there is less of a chasm here than most people think.
  • A wonderful piece on Keith Motola, a duck fan and soldier currently on leave from Afghanistan. A must read.
  • Rachel Bachman at the Oregonian has a great look at Mike Kobelin and crew. You may remember them as the guys that parachuted into Autzen Stadium during the late 70's. 
  • The Men's Basketball team had a tough loss against Idaho last night which was widely seen as a must win game going into conference play. I watched part of the game and Dave had some good points in the game thread about Idaho just hitting lights out.
  • The Women's Basketball team got a win against Santa Clara, 99-72.
  • I don't talk much about Boise State, mainly because I don't like the "FBSU" meme. However, this is a controversy (and resulting nickname) that I can get behind. It's both creative, juvenile and I can say it in front of kids. That, my friends, is a powerful nickname.