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Quack Fix: Basketball off target and still under investigation, special teams are special

The holiday stress starting to get to you?  Realize that you still have all your shopping to do?  Don't freak out.  Here's a strong dose of quack to calm your nerves:

  • Amid the talk of the new coach and of Matthew Knight Arena opening soon, its easy to forget that the mens' basketball program is still under NCAA investigation.  While the NCAA cites FERPA in not providing the Register-Guard with details of the investigation (cough, it involves Michael Dunigan, cough), the R-G confirms that Oregon has commited 39 minor violations (no major violations) across all programs since 2007.  While that may seem like a high number, AD Rob Mullens says the numbers 'do not alarm him.'
  • At least one Oregon Duck has experience in national championship games, as Oregon assistant Tom Osborne has coached in three of them.  However, Osbone is 0-3 in such games, having lost the 1987 Division II title game at Portland State, and the 1988 and 1994 1-AA title games while at Boise Junior College.
  • In his latest installment of 'Constructing a Title Run,' the R-G's Adam Jude takes a look at Oregon's special teams.  While Cliff Harris gets all the headlines, don't forget how dominant the blocking and coverage teams have been this year. 
  • Rachel Bachman reminds us that while going to the BCS Title Game equals a whole lot of money, Oregon will be splitting that cash with the rest of the schools in the conference.  Of more significance is the money that will be earned from the conference's second BCS berth in Stanford.  However, the conferences actually loses money on most other bowls (and this is a great time to remind you that if you haven't yet read 'Death to the BCS,' you really, really need to).
  • Our basketball teams has been horrid offensively.  Bob Clark reminds us just how horrid.  EJ Singler is the only Duck performing at or above his career averages in terms of field goal percentage and three point percentage this year.  Every other player with Division 1 experience is performing significantly worse than his career average.

I know many of you will start traveling for the holidays today and tomorrow.  Happy holidays and safe travels to all.