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Clueless Chip Kelly

On John Canzano's Bald Faced "Truth" Bald Faced Truth radio show, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said this regarding today's breaking news about Ohio State players - including starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor - accepting improper benefits and selling memorabilia:

"I can't figure out what went on and why they weren't suspended for the next game."

This is one of many examples of a coach who just flat out doesn't get it.  Chip thinks college football is about being a teacher, a mentor, and a good example of moral character to his players.  He thinks his job is to teach life lessons to the young men in his program, even if his reputation suffers.  He thinks a personal decision regarding the future of an athlete should trump a public display of justice.  He thinks players should suffer the consequences of their actions at the expense of on-field performance.  He thinks this is all about setting kids up to succeed as adults, rather than setting them up to succeed as physical specimens with no regard for the rules of life and no plan for life after football.  He clearly does not understand what the business of college football is all about.  Is this someone I want running my school's football program for the next 30 years?