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Quack Fix: Is Oregon's defense prepared for Auburn? Kelly on Ohio State suspensions and the Tiger Walk.

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Time is running out on getting those presents, wrapping them and getting them under the tree.  If you're looking for a last minute gift to get me, here is a suggestion.  Here's a gift for all of you, some Quack.

  • Chip Kelly was had his usual Thursday evening call in on John Canzano's radio show.  He took a few seconds to talk about the Ohio State situation and as Tako writes, he seems a little confused on why they aren't immediately suspended.
  • Rob Moseley has part five up on his series about Oregon's run to the National Championship game.  Thinking back to the Civil War, LMJ really looked banged up by the end of that game, and I'm sure he wasn't alone.  While the long lay off is brutal for us fans, I'm glad the players are getting this time to heal up, get rested and get prepared.
  • Mike Bellotti put out some thoughts on how he thinks "offenses are ahead of defenses" at this point in college football.  While I agree that right now in college football that offenses have an edge, when you look historically at the teams that have won National Championships, it's usually been lead by their defense.
  • Speaking of defense, Ken Goe has a good write up on how well prepared the Oregon defense is for Cam Newton and compares it to USC's preparation for another big time QB they faced in the MNC game.
  • Looks like some coaches are copying Chip Kelly on and off the field.
  • Here's Auburn's verision of "I Love My Ducks."  It's called the "Tiger Walk." 

That's all I got for right now.  Tis the season, so don't be a Grinch and hog all the Quack.  If you got some, share it in the comments.  GO DUCKS!!!