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Quack Fix: The dichotomy between cultures, Boise State's Chris Petersen visits the Mo

Are we there yet? No. But the Pac-10 bowl season starts today, which means we're that much closer. Here's your Wednesday Morning Quack Fix:

  • The R-G published a column swap between Anniston (Ala.) Star Editor Bob Davis and R-G columnist Bob Welch on the cultural divide between Auburn and Oregon. Both are worth reading, particularly Davis's on Auburn.
  • Meanwhile, ESPN's Ivan Maisel had a column of his own on the dichotomy between the cultures of Oregon and Auburn, complete with "Animal House" references (because no ESPN column on Oregon is complete without mention of the comedic classic or Nike). Most of the differences Maisel outlines are obvious (and stereotypical), but he begs an interesting question at the end: Will we look back on 2010 and see it as the year power in college football shifted? Quite possibly, but not if bowl ratings have anything to do with it.
  • Boise State head coach Chris Petersen was on hand at the Ducks' practice yesterday. Rob Moseley has more in his Tuesday practice report.
  • The coaching carousel continues to spin, and the rumors regarding Auburn's OC Gus Malzahn don't seem to be dwindling. Malzahn has reportedly been approached by Maryland, which fired head coach Ralph Friedgen last week.

Not a whole lot out there today, so we've added a poll. Who's going to win the Alamo Bowl? Make sure you vote and give us your reasoning in the comments.