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Quack Fix: Learning From the 2010 Rose Bowl, Academic Support Team, and the Mikan Drill

If you haven't read Matt Daddy's wonderful post about Oregon's defense, please check it out. Lots of technical words and stuff and pictures for people like me. The comments are wonderful, but there may be some Rent-A-Posters in the thread. Enter at your own will.

  • Pac-10 play gets underway for the Men's Basketball Team as they host the Arizona Wildcats at Mac Court. For the Ducks, it's back to fundamentals and drills like the Mikan Drilll to clean up some of the issues the team has from the field. Here's some memories of Mac Court from the Arizona Wildcats' perspective.
  • People seem to forget that the BCS National Championship Game occurs during the first part of Winter Term and the academic support team for the Athletic Department is all over it. You might be surprised to find out that Oregon officials reached out to another school with a quarter system to help them navigate the academic challenges posed by playing in the championship game. I'll give you a hint... it was a team we played "pryor" to this year.
  • We haven't talked Pac-12 in awhile. Our good friends over at Block U have a premature look at the Pac-12 south division and even some cool rankings to discuss! At first I was surprised at the rankings of each team but as I looked the list over, it started to make sense. 
  • Erin Andrews from ESPN filed this story about how the Ducks are learning from last year's experience in the Rose Bowl and how that experience is shaping their preparation for the BCS National Championship Game.

Bowl games a plenty today as Armed Forces, Music City, Pinstripe and Holiday Bowls all take place. I know Nebraska killed them earlier this year, yes I know people hate the Huskies, yes Jake Locker blah blah blah. I'm telling you right now, don't sleep on Washington in this game. Not saying they will win, but you know Nebraska isn't thrilled about playing UW again this year. Motivated team versus a non-motivated team? Be careful on this one.

Go Ducks!