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LaMichael James will return to Oregon in 2011

According to, LaMichael James has ended any speculation, and will not declare for the 2011 NFL draft. 

"I came to the University of Oregon to get a quality education as well as to play football, and feel I have yet to complete that goal," James said.

While many are calling James the best back in school history after only two years of play, James will likely destroy every significant rushing in school history, and will have a very good shot to become the leading scorer in school history (he currently has 36 TDs, and will need to get to 54 to surpass Jared Siegel in the school record books).

If James had entered the draft, he would likely have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick. It's unknown if another year will help his draft stock much, but James will hopefully not have to carry the team next season like he did this season. Either way, we'll get to watch him for another year.