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Jersey Contest: Final Scoreboard

First, sorry for the delay in getting the scoreboard posted.  I was out all day yesterday and was planning to post it last night when I got home.  However, my ISP had other ideas and I wasn't able to get online until this morning.  So, without further ado, here are the final standings.  For those just interested in the top of the scoreboard, the top 9 scores are below. Congrats to users bham duck and phantomF4 who tied with 49 points.  Those two will compete in a tiebreaker during the bowl season.  I will email you later today (using the email address you specified for the contest) with further details, so please keep an eye out.

Name Score
bham duck 49
phantomF4 49
DavisDuck 48
Coug999 47
eloomis20 47
jruss22 47
QuackinAK 47
you'vegottomakeyourfreethrows 47
jxbarr 46
kHartos 46
Mattsh 46


For more thoughts on the final week and the final scoreboard, follow the jump.

First, the last week of games did not prove too difficult, as there were 13 perfect scores out of 91 entries.  Included in those 13 were the composite community picks.  Each game saw more than a 50% success rate, with both Washington and Oklahoma being the "toughest" picks with 55 people predicting their victories. 

In terms of the final standings, a few things of interest.  FIrst, congrats (or maybe condolences) to user Mattsh who finished in the top 9 with 46 points, despite missing week 11.  Week 11 proved troublesome for others near the top, as user BLAZERDUCKs also skipped that week and finished just outside the top 9 with 45 total points.  And, the ATQ community finished with 45 points despite earning a zero for week 11.

Throughout the contest, we had a total of 283 users submit picks for at least one week.  Of those, we had 60 people submit picks every single week.  And, the lowest score of those 60 was mkwing who limped in with a total score of 34. 


For the site moderators, we had a pretty poor year for the most part.  Here are the final standings:

Name Score
Matt Daddy 41
jtlight 39
ntrebon 38
JConant 37
Takimoto 35
David Piper 34
PaulSF 34



So, congrats to the team of Matt Daddy and daisyduck for combining to earn the highest moderator score.  In fairness, I feel I should point out that only Matt Daddy and myself submitted picks every week.  The rest of the mods missed the following number of weeks: jtlight (1), JConant (2), Takimoto (1), Dave (1), Paul (1) and Dominic (5).