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Quack Fix: LaMichael James vs. James Rodgers, Doing a Good Oregon Ducks Impression

Throw me the quack. No time to argue. Throw me quack, I'll throw you the whip

  • Nicole Blood ran the fastest indoor 5000 meter time this season with a school record 15:51.69 in the Husky Classic on Friday. With Oregon State fielding a track team, LaMichael James and Oregon State Wide Receiver James Rodgers will battle it out on the track today in the 60 meter dash. How's that for a match up?
  • More on the Oregon State track team... I think I'm safe in saying that now we're even for that whole baseball thing now considering the new track facility being built for 2010
  • Oregon State's baseball team unveiled new uniforms. Something just occurred to me. Track and Field news, building a new facility, new uniforms, updated Nike relationship, I can't help but wonder if there is some sort of "emulation" here. Anyone else notice? Maybe it's just me.
  • George Schroeder weighs in on Pac-10 expansion with a name I find very interesting but far-fetched. They didn't come before, why would they come now?
  • The Onion Sports Network breaks down the top 2010 College Football Recruiting Prospects

Not a ton of Duck related news out there on a Saturday. We'll have an Open Thread up later to discuss the pounding the men's basketball team will take against Arizona State.