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Quack Fix: Azzinaro and Recruiting, LaMichael James, and Another Record Falls

This is true quack. You think this happens every day?

  • DSA has an article about Jerry Azzinaro, his recruiting abilities and where the defensive line has been the last few years. I remember several folks were concerned about losing Michael Gray as a defensive line coach but this article sheds an interesting light into Gray's prospects. Of the 9 defensive tackles signed in the last 3 years, only 1 is still with the team.
  • Andrew Wheating set an 800m record among other track notes.
  • The women's basketball team picked up an 82-81 victory over Arizona State, snapping a 10-game losing streak to the Sun Devils. The Oregon women currently sit in a 3-way tie for third place in the Pac-10.
  • Women's Lacrosse started the season off in a big way with a 22-8 win over the Jacksonville Dolphins. JU is making a step up in divisions this year so we can't take too much away from this win but this is a good sign on how things might go for the Lacrosse team this year.
  • LaMichael James finished 3rd in the 60m at the Husky Classic yesterday. If you are interested in where Oregon State's James Rodgers and Washington's Jordon Polk finished, you'll have to click through to find out. Here's a video just in case you want to relive it.

If you have any additional quack to share, please drop it in the thread.