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Quack Fix: Getting to know some Oregon commits and a couple basketball notes

Well, I learned my lesson about betting against the Ducks.  I am back in time to deliver your Tuesday quack.  The best part?  It's free. Enjoy.

  • Moseley's piece in today's Register-Guard takes a look at the three JC members of this year's class (Isaac Remington, Ryan Clanton and Brandon Williams).  As the Jared noted in yesterday's quack, all three are already enrolled and in Eugene.  Moseley goes on to discuss each player's path to becoming a Duck.
  • In their continuing feature on future Ducks, The Oregonian today takes a look at Lache Seatrunk.  John Hunt ends the entry with the following note: "It’s possible that when the Ducks offense takes the field in 2011, it could include a quarterback (Darron Thomas) and three running backs (James, Seastrunk and fellow commit Dontae Williams) from Texas."  Looks good to me. 
  • Jason Hickman from has a list of "Most likely to..." for prep football players about to sign.  Both Lache Seastrunk and Owamagbe Odighizuwa get a mention.
  • In a blog entry, Bob Clark notes the switch to a zone defense may have led to fewer personal fouls for the men's basketball team.  It also led to less money for Bradll99, joffthedeckk and myself.  Clark also has updates on both Joevan Catron and LeKendric Longmire, which basically amount to: "nothing new to report."  Though, we may know more about Longmire as soon as today. 
  • Mike Tokito blogs about the upcoming Civil War basketball game and points out why both teams desperately need this win.  Though, it appears that Tokito may not have been following Oregon basketball all that closely over the last five or six years as evidenced by his statement that this year's team  being the first to be swept by the Beavers since 1993 would be a "sign of trouble for Kent."  Talk about a drop in the bucket.

Sorry if I repeated any news that has already been discussed.  I haven't yet had a chance to try and catch up with all I missed over the last week.  And, if I forgot anything, feel free to add it below.  Go Ducks!