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MBB Game 26 Recap: California 64 – Oregon 49

In honor of our conquerors of college basketball to the south, we are going to run the recap a little different.  So leave your answers in the comments (Obviously once you're done talking about the latest Oregon football run in with the law).

1. Oregon's offense was _________.

2. Cal's defense was ___________.

3. The officiating __________.

4. Ernie Kent should have ______________.

5. The best thing about this game was ______________.

6. The worst thing about this game was ____________.

Oregon kept the game close in the first half, but as everyone knew it wasn't a matter of because Oregon was playing so well, it was more a matter of Cal was playing like garbage and Oregon refused to capitalize on any of it.

The second half wasn't the same, except it was the same as most Oregon Pac 10 games this year.  Oregon ran into a lull and was not able to score and the opponent went on a 8, 10 or 15 point run opening up a lead that the Ducks were not able to overcome. 

This team is not good enough to have those type of lulls or not take advantage of when an opponent is playing poorly, and today was not different. 

Jacob lead the Ducks with 14 points while Randle and Robertson tied to lead all scorers with 16 a piece.  Oregon shot a blistering 1-12 (8.3%) from the three point line and 34.1% overall from the field.


We suck.  Fear not, there are only 4 more games left in Ernie's... I mean... the Pac 10 season.  The team is regressing offensively and defensively.  I really don't see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Go Ducks.  I guess.