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Quack Fix: Kiko Alonso, Wrestling, and Baseball Wins Again

Leave the quack, take the cannolis.

  • John Hunt breaks down some numbers from the men's basketball game against Cal and it isn't pretty. He also comments about EJ Singler's 38 minutes against the Bears and wondering why he was in line for a redshirt. My theory on that was because Ernie saw the potential in him and was trying to make some strides in breaking up the classes to get out of his "cycle".
  • Baseball defeated Long Beach State 6-2 on Saturday to move to 2-0 on the year. It's a long season so don't read too much into these wins but a good start nonetheless. By the way, special props to the Long Beach State nickname...the Dirtbags
  • Make sure you head out to Pape field and support the Women's Lacrosse team as they take on St. Bonaventure in their home opener at 11am. If you can't make it, will be streaming the game live for premium members.
  • UO President Richard Lariviere speaks out on the recent legal issues with certain Duck athletes.
  • By now, everyone knows that Kiko Alonso got picked up for DUII. He's the 4th player arrested in the last month and that's not including "Frat Gate". I will be most interested to see how heavy handed the Athletic Department is on this incident. Kiko was more than just a reserve, he was in line to take over Casey Mathews spot at linebacker. Although we have depth there, him being possibly cut from the team isn't exactly "non-news".
  • Remember wrestling at the UO? Cal State Bakersfield is also dropping the sport for revenue reasons. This article has some quotes from Kyle Bounds, former Duck wrestler and currently a Spartan at Michigan State.

We'll be following the Kiko Alonso story for most of the day today so check back here for any verified breaking news.