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Quack Fix: Ernie Kent speculation, poor shooting percentage, Kelly's contract

After the worst Civil War loss in 28 years, and the first OSU sweep since 1993, there seems to be one topic of conversation in the world of Oregon sports: Ernie Kent.

  • George Schroeder's Sunday column was on Ernie Kent's job situation. He certainly did himself no favors this weekend. While his team didn't play well, his team's poor performance against the Beavers twice this year makes it easy to question his ability to adapt as a coach (as if we didn't have enough ammunition already). What really sticks out in Schroeder's columns are the comments from Kent himself, which seem to blame "perception" rather than performance. What is so frustrating about this, however, is that hearing from Kent before the game, he acknowledged the need to make adjustments. Yet, those made were completely ineffective. Wait, have we heard this story before?
  • Mike Tokito of the Oregonian writes about how there are major differences between Oregon and Oregon State, despite the teams have the same conference record, and OSU having a worse overall record. He calls OSU "solid and competitive," and Oregon "floundering." While that may be a bit harsh considering the recent sweep of the LA schools, it's tough to argue that Oregon is a solid team. They are wildly inconsistent, in both effort and execution. And that showed on Saturday, with an ugly, ugly performance.
  • Another theme that was continued was poor shooting. Oregon is in last place in shooting in Pac-10 conference games, with a paltry .414 average. They are also last in three point percentage, at .287. Is this correctable? I don't know. But Oregon is simply not fundamentally sound enough to win games where they do not shoot well. This has been an issue for years, and continues to make the Ducks the most inconsistent team in the league.
  • Yet, despite the outcry from fans, Ernie Kent is not panicking, and will not be putting limits on players shooting outside shots, saying that might take away "confidence."
  • In a bit of football news, the Register Guard obtained a copy of Chip Kelly's contract, and learned that he made just over $1.8 million in 2009. If the Ducks can meet expectations, he's guaranteed a good raise in 2010: "if the Drucks win 19 regular-season games — or 20 games including a bowl win — in any two-year period, he has the option of renegotiating the deal, accepting an annual guaranteed salary of $2.3 million or walking away from the contract without penalty." I don't like the possibility of Kelly walking away, so I'm sure we'll be watching next year's salary negotiations very closely.

Got any other quack to share? Leave it below. GO DUCKS!