The Oregon Situation From an Opposing Fan's View

[Editor's Note - dvieira]: Another creative take to go with our theme this weekend. You guys are making it easy on me. Go Ducks!

Having read the FanPosts about the current events in the Oregon Athletic Department, there has been one missing perspective.  We've had the old fart, we've had JonathonPDX, but you're missing the most important perspective: the opposing fan.  Never fear, though, for I am here to shed light on the situation.  What follows is the opinion from fans around the country because as a fan of an opposing school, I am on the pulse of The Situation.

Strap yourselves in and prepare to have your mind blown, because i won't be holding back.  What follows is a mad-lib.  I'm a generous fan, so I thought I'd make it easier for other fans to put their own stamp on the situation.  For you younger fans that don't know what a mad-lib is, following along and you'll get the hang of it.

As a fan of (insert school here), I am more than happy to see (derogatory name for Oregon) having off season troubles.  Coach Kelly clearly has no idea how to run a football program.  Sure he might've done fine on the field this one year, but when your first game involves a thug throwing a sucker punch, you've clearly never gotten control of your program.

The events of the off season show that without a doubt (derogatory name for Oregon) has issues that won't be going away.  If Coach Kelly had followed through with his suspension of Blount, none of this would be happening.  By giving a kid a second chance and letting him play, just because he wanted to beat (insert school here), he told his players it is OK to be a thug.  NONE of these issues would've happened if the players knew right from wrong and Coach Kelly was heavy handed from the beginning.  (deragatory Oregon name) has no boundaries on what behavior is acceptable.  Is there even a code of conduct?

As far as the present events go, Kelly showed once again that winning is the only important thing.  A reserve gets in trouble with the law?  Boom, he gone.  But a starter, on the other hand. gets a slap on the wrist.  Where is the discipline that is so needed?  Why were Masoli and James not immediately suspended after they were arrested?  I'll tell you why, because Kelly was busy trying to cover for them.  Just another example of the coach giving star players preferential treatment. 

So what if Masoli was suspended for the entire season?  Why was James only given one game?  Does your coach really value the (insert button for spin move on your favorite console) button over the truck stick?  That's preferential treatment right there and (insert schools coach) would never do anything like that.  If this was (insert school's coach) and a player got in trouble with the law, he would be immediately dismissed from the team.  We don't tolerate criminals here at (insert school).  It's unacceptable that stealing laptops, which is a FELONY, is worth a year, while beating up women is only worth ONE GAME.  How is that even possible????  All these thugs with questionable character should be GONE, DISMISSED, DONE.  Instead, I'm sure we'll see Masoli when (derogatory Oregon name) plays (school) and Chipper needs a win.  Just like Blount, Chipper will never learn.

In the future, this shows that (derogatory Oregon name) is on the way down.  Just like USC, (derogatory Oregon name) should be expecting a knock on their door from the NCAA.  The lack of discipline from top to bottom clearly shows that (derogatory Oregon name) cannot control their athletes and there is more to it then these actions.  Blount didn't just put a black eye on Byron Hout's face, he also put on one the entire program.  Sure you're on top now, but pretty soon you'll get your comeuppance.

How does this benefit (insert school)?  Coach (coach's name) will surely be using this in recruiting.  What kind of parent wants their kid in a lawless program filled with more criminals than athletes?  I bet Coach (coach's name) is in living rooms right now warning parents not to send their kids to (derogatory Oregon name), lest they want them to come back in a prison uniform.  Coach (coach's name) molds men and doesn't condone criminal acts.  (derogatory Oregon name) only recruits bad areas and kids with questionable character.  It's a pattern with their players and is finally showing itself.  Think you're a big time program like (some SEC school)?  Well, you're not and you won't be able to weather the storm like (The U/UW/Alabama/Texas).  (insert school) will be benefiting from this by stealing all your recruits in no time.

The point of this is: if my (insert school's mascot)'s can't beat you on the field, we might as well beat you off.

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