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Quack Fix: Bellotti meeting with Kent, indoor track All-Americans announced and the release of the Masoli/Embry 9-1-1 call

Sorry I am a little later than usual with the Tuesday quack -- let's get straight to it.

  • We'll start today's quack with a few quick announcements: Takimoto wanted me to pass along that it will be a Tako Thursday this week.  Also, make sure you sign up for the ATQ Tourney Challenge.  We'll be offering some prizes as well as the opportunity to beat axemen23.  
  • The men's basketball season is finally over after the Ducks were not extended an invitation to either the NIT or CBI.  While the benefits of playing in the CBI can be argued, John Hunt writes that Oregon just wasn't good enough to get invited.  In related news, Ernie Kent and Mike Bellotti will meet this morning to discuss this year's performance. I expect official word on Kent's firing to follow shortly. 
  • In football-related quack, Nick Daschel talks about team chemistry as Pac-10 teams head into spring.  Oregon was ranked with the top group of teams based on all the returning starters, but with Masoli's suspension, Daschel bumped them down a group.  It seems that Daschel is using returning starters and coaching turnover as the main indicators of team chemistry -- which seems like "team experience" might be a more apt descriptor of what he's trying to measure.  
  • Greg Bolt of the Register-Guard has an article discussing the release of the Jeremiah Masoli - Garrett Embry 9-1-1 call (for the audio, check out the video after the jump). 
  • Coming off the women's 2010 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championship and the men's second place performances this past weekend, it was announced yesterday that Oregon led the nation with a total of 31 All-Americans (17 women, 14 men).  Congrats again to both teams on their outstanding seasons.
  • Unlike their male counterparts, the women's basketball team did earn an invite for postseason play as they will host Eastern Washington in the WNIT on Thursday.  A nice accomplishment for the Lady Ducks and first-year coach Westhead. 

And, in case you missed it, there's the audio from the Jeremiah Masoli / Garrett Embry 9-1-1 call after the jump.  Also included is a interview with new World Record holder Ashton Eaton.